Every business has an online component nowadays. There’s no doing without it. So, the presence of an IT support team or an IT desk at any time is incredibly valuable. This doesn’t just help to assist with everyday errors or hiccups when employees misunderstand software. IT support desk benefits include the provision of support during a cyber attack or during a system outage.

IT support desks save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by not only safeguarding data but improving productivity. These hacks and breaches interrupt projects and become a hurdle to the progress of the company as a whole.

So here, are 5 financial benefits that IT support desks provide to small businesses. 

Off Hours IT Support

While businesses usually function from either 9 to 5 or some other 8-hour window, problems can occur anytime. Businesses can detect intrusions at 1 am or run into a major software bug after hours. These problems can cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. If it’s a breach, it can compromise the reputation and lose customers over a period of years. This can hurt the market share price.

If products or services stop working, the business can lose out on a lot of revenue. Downtime is a huge problem for many clients since they want their services to work all the time. As a result, they can lose the trust of their clients and improve their competitor’s position in the market.

In comparison, for a small business, IT support desk response teams make sure that after-hours hacks are swiftly handled. The customer satisfaction that results in long-term no-hiccup services results in long-term trust.

In the tech business, these key moments matter. Hence, the IT support desk is an invaluable asset to have to safeguard your already valuable assets.

IT support provides various financial benefits for a business

Proactive Interventions

IT support desks don’t just intervene when there’s an attack or when there’s a problem with the system. They continuously monitor activity on your system and this information helps them resolve problems quickly. Ideally, they can catch a problem before it becomes too big to handle or prevent it from ever happening.

All types of hardware and software tend to have sporadic issues. With an IT support team at the helm, those issues are consistently identified and handled. Whether they’re bug fixes, hardware part replacements or system updates, IT teams handle them all.

Due to the consistent monitoring of issues, IT teams can save businesses the time is cost to respond to these events. By identifying exact problems with these system and suggesting appropriate solutions, IT can show businesses where their resources are best spent. Furthermore, they can save money on large fixes by suggesting smaller ones before the problems become too big to handle.

IT teams also keep historical logs of the different problems that affect companies. They categorize these problems along with solutions, outcomes, financial investments, etc. These logs help tremendously when the same problems, or similar ones, occur again. As a result, the response is swifter, more organized, and better executed.  This is one of the best IT support desk benefits for businesses.

Improved Efficiency

IT support desks also improve the efficiency of an organization. There are several ways they do this.

Fixing Systemic Problems: Organizations without IT support teams usually try random solutions through a trial and error basis. Using this method is inefficient and time-consuming. Using a systematic approach, IT professionals apply solutions they know will work either through experience or through a standard process.

Also, an IT desk ticketing system helps to organize tasks and gets information through to employees, hence when employees have a certain problem, they can check on the status if their issue. Tickets also include titles and the problem in detail. They can be classified as urgent or not depending on when the issue needs to be solved.

Companies can customize tickets to meet their needs as well. IT support customizes them to include floor numbers, building locations, type of problem, the software or hardware in question, etc.

This saves a lot of time and improves efficiency.

Industry Expertise

IT support desks often assign individuals to a company who are well versed in its industry problems. They can draw from their experiences with other clients and offer solutions that work best in certain situations. They can also identify the limitations of an industry better than those not experienced in the field. They provide quick solutions that result in greater efficiency and productivity.

Greater productivity can result in better customer satisfaction and fewer employees wasting time on technical issues. Greater productivity results in greater profits for that company.

Employee Training

This is an oft-overlooked part of IT support desk benefits. IT support can provide solutions to technical issues or breaches or leaks. However, even they are not always enough to stop these problems from happening. The employees that work at the company who are running through client data or are delivering services are crucial actors.

IT support can train them to not only become proficient in certain programs but to report errors and breaches. A single report or a heads up from an employee can save a company hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. So, the training that employees get from IT support turns out to be very valuable in the future.

IT support is a key part of any business’ operations in the modern world. Hiring the right experts is crucial to shield the company from any kind of hacks and phishing attempts. For proactive IT services and quick solutions, contact Cyber Tech Connection today.