What is Mobile Threat Defense & How to Protect Against It

What is Mobile Threat Defense

According to Statista, there are more than 6.4 billion active smartphone users in the world. Samsung and other innovative companies report that smartphones have become an integral part of day-to-day work day, increasing productivity by 34% or more. 

Another recent research report highlights that over 60% of endpoints at the enterprise level are mobile devices. According to WSJ, enterprise-level companies now leverage upwards of 200 apps or more to run their operations. 

These stats show that mobile devices play a crucial role in the business world. On the downside, smartphones have become a favorite channel for cyber attackers and criminals, stealing valuable personal and business data. 

Cybercriminals use phishing, application, network and device vector techniques to attack mobile devices and steal data for their own benefit. 

Today’s article will discuss the importance of mobile threat defense (MTD) and how to protect your company against it. Read on! 

What is Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)?

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) is a platform or software application used by individuals and businesses to proactively protect their smartphones from security threats. MTD uses advanced, cutting-edge technology to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks designed for mobile phones and operating systems, such as Android and Apple iOS. 

Cybercriminals use various techniques to compromise a user’s smartphone or connected device, including phishing, malware and network attacks. The primary objective is to steal sensitive data and use it for criminal purposes. 

Consistent cyber breaches and attacks can make businesses vulnerable, leading to compromised operations, losing trust with customers and loss in significant revenue. For this reason, companies are investing into IT solutions to help protect their employee’s smartphones.  

MTD software protects mobile devices and smartphones, both online and offline. Not only does the software block threats and alert users, but it also detects and remediates problems. MTD can act against zero-day vulnerabilities. 

How does it Work?

MTD solutions address online and offline threats at three levels. These are the device, application and network levels. For example, the software or program checks for various problems at the device level and determines whether a mobile device requires a lock screen, security and encryption techniques. 

The tool checks for device-level anomalies and determines the cause of a draining battery, which could be due to the presence of a malicious app. Moreover, MTD implements various algorithms to detect data leakage and issues related to users’ privacy at the application level. 

The primary cause of data leakage is one app accessing data in other applications. Remember, this leads to various complications. When data crosses between your personal and business apps on a device, it can compromise valuable information by making the device more vulnerable to cyber threats. 

Some MTD tools come with algorithms that prevent app installation based on business requirements. The tool monitors network packets and detects threats at the network level, including secure socket layer stripping and man-in-the-middle attacks. 

Secure socket layer stripping, also known as SSL stripping, occurs due to a downgraded HTTPS connection, facilitating cybercriminals to access and steal sensitive business data through weak security protocols. In this case, using MTD tools can protect attackers from stealing confidential information by automatically encrypting traffic to an open Wi-Fi network. 

Real-Time Mobile Security

An MTD platform, software, or service provides continuous on-device monitoring and analysis, streamlining the cyber-attacks detection capabilities in real-time. Some tools use machine-learning (ML) algorithms and AI-based models to dynamically and accurately identify cyber threats and malicious attacks. Real-time protection can classify zero-day attacks irrespective of the entry point, making the tool an excellent option for individuals and businesses. 

Comprehensive Defense 

Experts recommend using a MTD solution that offers comprehensive mobile threat defense mechanisms against a wide range of attack vectors. These may include detection, identification, analysis and mitigation of new vectors. 

Choosing the right MTD solution that aligns with your business objectives is crucial to higher and better device security, protecting mobiles against advanced phishing, network, and application attacks in real-time. 

Invest it Mobile Defense Security Before It’s Too Late

Cyber Tech Connection offers dynamic mobile protection against threats designed to target smartphones and other related devices. We help companies – small, medium and large – mitigate risk of mobile threats and protect networks, applications and devices. Your company’s data and personal information is important. It’s best to stay proactive and rely on a service provider with the latest technology and know-how to protect against threats every minute of every day.