5 Reasons Why Hiring a Managed Service Provider is Good for a Growing Organization

managed service provider

As your organization grows, your IT needs will too. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an excellent option for scaling your IT support to meet the needs of your growing business. Here are the top five ways that an MSP can help your business save money, elevate your level of IT service, and last but not least, keep your infrastructure secure.

5 Reasons to Hire a Managed Service Provider

1. Fractional Resources. Building an in-house team that can handle the variety and volume can be very expensive and inefficient. Working with an MSP gives you access to high-quality resources when you need them. And the best part is you only pay for what you need, which costs much less than hiring a full-time internal team.

2. Continuity of Support. Whether you hire an MSP to be your IT team or as an extension of your internal IT team, an MSP can provide consistent, high-quality support 24x7x365.

3. Scalable Solution. As you grow, you will need a wide range of IT skill sets to support the growing needs of your organization. That can be difficult to plan, costly to manage and very inefficient until you reach a certain scale. Adding, reallocating, or reducing resources or specialized skillsets is simple with an MSP.

4. Affordable, Enterprise-Grade Solutions for small and medium businesses. Not only will your IT needs grow with your company growth, your infrastructure will too. Working with a Managed Service Provider allows you to gain access to the preferred pricing on quality hardware and software that they get through their partners.

5. Security! Security is arguably the most important focus for any organization. As you grow, so do your risks and the subsequent consequences of a security breach. MSPs can leverage their expertise and experience to make sure that your “secret sauce” remains a secret.

Better IT solutions come from better IT leaders. Our decades of experience building and maintaining powerful technology ecosystems can help you take your business further. From the server to the cloud—and all points in between— Cyber Tech Connection connects and advances your systems, your people, and your edge.

Author: Matt Stephenson

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