5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Embrace the Cloud

embrace the cloud

If your company wants to stay competitive without paying more money, it’s time for you to embrace the cloud. RightScale shows that 93 percent of businesses now use cloud technologies in some fashion — it’s popularity is growing because it’s both inexpensive and efficient.

Why You Should Use the Cloud

Increase Your Profit

SMBs that move to the cloud almost always doubled their profits and achieved 25 percent growth in revenue, according to research via Business Wire. Not sure what about the cloud enables businesses to experience more profit and increased growth in revenue? A major reason is that cloud-based application allows small businesses to operate at any time from any location. This flexibility results in happier customers and increased sales.

Run Your Business More Efficiently

Moving to the cloud is a major step up for your business and staff. Suddenly there are no more data silos in your company and you can more easily collaborate with staff. Employees with permission get access to the records and information that they need. Inventory management software, such as the EMERGE App, provide a consistent workflow to simplify your operations. Your IT team won’t have to juggle storage and memory in a local network, this is done by the cloud provider. Instead, your IT team can focus on more strategic tasks like addressing problems and improving the user experience. When your business embraces the cloud, you’ll notice that your entire business runs with greater efficiency. As your business evolves and grows over time, the cloud will allow you to stay relevant and compete with other businesses.

Cut Costs

A fact that you can’t ignore about the cloud is that it also helps you save money. Cloud-based services often eliminate expenses like software licensing and upgrade fees, power and cooling costs and server maintenance. When you move to the cloud, you won’t have to spend your money to maintain hardware that goes unused. Instead, you’ll subscribe to software and services and pay an inexpensive monthly fee. Combine adoption of the cloud with the other tactics you’re utilizing, like finding new ideas to save energy, and you’ll save a lot of money and stretch your budget further.

Improve Your Business Security

Now is not the time to mess around with the security of your business, and small businesses are the most common victim of data breaches. Cyber attacks are a huge threat to small businesses, and the cloud is the answer to changing that fact. Cloud-based services allow small business owners to back up data regularly or automatically to a safe location online. This means that if the unexpected happens, your business can be back up and running in minutes. When your data is constantly backed up and no longer physically stored in your office, you will have improved security.

Embracing the cloud isn’t exclusively for major companies. If you’ve been feeling resistant to the concept of this technology, it’s time to overcome those fears. Smaller businesses can reap the benefits of the cloud too — it’s quickly become a necessary tool for today’s small business. Contact Cyber Tech Connections for a consultation for your small business.

Author: Megan Tokta

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